All Lobster Rolls Aren't Created Equal...(Especially in New England)

Jul 9, 2021 12:45:43 PM Sarah MacDougall

Many don’t know that we started F&F with no experience in scaled food production. We simply wanted to give busy families a dinnertime solution that was better than all the rest, and we had to lean on trial and error to get to where we are today.

As we grew our team and brought on people with (a lot) more experience, it remained embedded in our culture to try new things, obsess over feedback and adapt accordingly. We like to embrace all of the failures that helped us change F&F for the better - which is why we’re sharing our story of the “New England Lobster Roll”

This year we introduced our F&F Seasons collection, which featured a new recipe for New England Lobster Rolls.

There are many preferences when it comes to Lobster Rolls and we ultimately decided to create something less traditional for the Seasons menu. We intentionally broke up the lobster meat ourselves to create a creamy, flavorful salad. We wanted to hit a sweet spot of not too fancy, but still unique & special…much like the rest of our popular menu items. 

We were wrong.

After reaching out to our members for feedback, it was clear we missed the mark. In our constant effort to innovate, we failed to acknowledge the nostalgia that our members have associated with a traditional, well-executed, New England Lobster Roll.

We listened, made adjustments, and immediately changed course. We’ve gone back to basics - here’s what you can expect from our Classic New England Lobster Kit going forward...

 • We are sourcing whole, live lobsters from Tony’s Seafood, a local market that buys their lobster primarily in Rhode Island.

  • We’ve done away with anything pre-cut and we are processing the lobsters ourselves - not only does this provide high-quality, flavorful meat, it allows our chefs to have complete control over the size of the cut that goes into the salad. Our in-house cut will be 1" for tail meat and knuckles, plus there will be whole claws included in the mix.

 • We’ve cut the ‘dressing’ for the salad by 50% and increased the proportion of lobster meat in the  salad mix. This time around the lobster will only be lightly dressed, to ensure we highlight the fresh brine of our local waters.

Lastly, we've opted for a slightly different bun. Our new version will still be brioche, but much more airy, a better version of a New England-style split-top hotdog bun.

We aren’t shy to admit that we often get things wrong recognizing areas of improvement and acting on them is in the DNA at Feast & Fettle. We’ve listened to every single one of our members to develop a menu item that is better than our initial iteration, and to us, that's the definition of success. 

We’re proud to continuously make it better and share our newest recipe with you we encourage you to give it a try here.  

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