Creamy Cilantro Dressing

Feb 19, 2021 1:35:42 PM Carly Hanellin

Our Creamy Cilantro Dressing is a jack of all trades - it can be used as a dressing or a dipping sauce and can be an addition to many different dishes. Try it topped on salads, tacos, chilis, soups, and more!

Chef Maggie serves this light and tangy dressing on one of our most popular salads: The Southwest Salad. If you want some added heat, leave seeds in from the jalapeño (if not, discard the seeds completely).

You can make this F&F dressing in no time using our full recipe below!

Eat Well.

creamy cilantro dressing
Creamy Cilantro Dressing



Sour Cream 1 cup
Mayonnaise 1/2 cup
Jalapeño Peppers - Seeded, 1/4" Dice 1 tsp
Lime Juice 2 1/2 tbsp
Garlic - Peeled, Minced 1 1/4 tsp
Honey 1/2 tbsp
Cumin 1/4 tsp
Kosher Salt 1/4 tsp
Fresh Cilantro - Finely Chopped 1/2 cup
1. Add all ingredients except for cilantro to a large bowl and blend together with a hand blender. Stir chopped cilantro into dressing, blend just a little if need with blender (don't blend too much or else it will turn green).

F&F Tips and Tricks:

  • If you'd like to make the salad pictured...its ingredients are baby kale, corn, beans, tomatoes, avocado, and topped with Creamy Cilantro Dressing. Toss and enjoy!
  • Want to level up your salad game even more? Include a protein! We love adding salmon, shrimp, chicken, or steak. 🥗