Holiday Collection: Holiday Glazed Ham

Dec 12, 2021 11:58:31 PM Carly Hanellin

 Elevate your holiday ham by double glazing it for a caramelized outside. The process begins before and during the baking process and makes all the difference.

This technique adds a caramelized crust to your average holiday ham and only takes an extra 10 minutes to make!

Eat Well. 



Holiday Glazed Ham
Whole Grain Mustard 1/2 cups
Sunflower Oil 3 tbsp
Maple Syrup 3 cup
Light Brown Sugar 2 1/2 tbsp
Apple Cider Vinegar 4 tbsp
Ground Cloves 1/4 tsp
Ham 6 lbs
1. Whisk all ingredients together. Add to saucepan and heat until sugar is just melted. Taste for seasoning. Let cool.
2. Preheat oven to 375˚F. Brush ham all over with maple-mustard glaze.
3. Brush hams all over with maple-mustard glaze.
4. Bake hams for 30 min, then remove from oven to add more glaze. Turn pans and bake for another 20-30 min or until crust starts to form. Let cool, slice, and enjoy!

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