Increasing Our Impact by 1,100%

Apr 23, 2021 12:20:32 PM Alissa Marr

In 2019 we partnered with Edesia Nutrition in an effort to support children in need at scale. 

We were moved by the Edesia mission and the passion behind their team. Malnutrition is 100% preventable, and just one box of their revolutionary product Plumpy’Nut® can save a child’s life. 

$1 of every order is donated to Edesia to ensure that our contributions to help fight child malnutrition grow as our business grows...

In Q1 of 2019, our first donation was $1,000, and at that time, we truly didn’t realize how much of an impact could be made.

It’s been extremely gratifying to watch our contributions grow as we scale and add more members to our service. 

Fast forward to Q1 of 2021, our donation to Edesia was over $12, increase of over 1,100% since our first donation.

A few recent success stories from Edesia...

Each quarter, our team works closely with Edesia to decide how our contributions will be spent productively. Over the past few quarters, we’ve decided to support Edesia's ongoing efforts in Venezuela. 

On the ground, the Edesia team is working with Meals4Hope, an NGO that administers nutrition programs designed to prevent, detect, and treat malnutrition in the country. It is estimated that one-third of Venezuelans lack sufficient food, and in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, ready-to-use foods were urgently needed.

Several months ago, Meals4Hope began receiving their first shipments from Edesia. Today, we're happy to share a few success stories:


When 2-year old Victoria’s family sought help for her malnutrition, she was very pale and weak with dry hair. During her 2 month treatment, Victoria made a huge recovery. She’s gained weight, and her hair and skin are soft and hydrated. She perks up when she sees her “little bar” as she calls it, and is becoming an active and happy girl. 


Samuel’s mother found out about Edesia through a community program in Sector San José, Parroquia Unión. At nearly 5 years of age, Samuel was extremely underweight. He has Psychomotor Retardation and is without medical help, due to doctors’ canceling appointments. Samuel is living with a big family on a low income, and there are very few resources for him. It’s tough for families his size to even secure basic necessities. The Plumpy’Nut® program allowed Samuel to recuperate and achieve a normal weight. His family is grateful for Edesia and the work they do in the community.

We are feeling overwhelmed with gratitude after hearing these stories, aren’t you? 

Being in the business of nutrition, we are inspired to share as far as we can reach. This partnership has allowed us to contribute to communities and families whose life may depend on it. To all the F&F members who made it possible - thank YOU for being a part of this wonderful effort!

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