Feast & Fettle: Our Story

Oct 9, 2020 3:23:45 PM Feast & Fettle

Founder & Executive Chef, Maggie, first fell in love with cooking for others during her time as a personal chef.

However, she quickly realized many folks with no time or desire to cook were turning to takeout or even frozen options at dinner time — leaving them feeling guilty and unsatisfied.

Inspired to bridge the gap between quality and convenience, Maggie decided to launch a meal delivery service much different than all the others.

Feast & Fettle was born in 2016 to empower busy households to enjoy local, well-made meals they deserve.

Even though she was no longer a personal chef, Maggie still felt it was extremely important to build that same personalized connection with each F&F member.

So she brought on her best friend and customer service expert, Nikki, to ensure F&F goes above and beyond for each household it serves.

Learn more about who we are and what we do feastandfettle.com.