Holiday Collection: Reindeer Cookies

Dec 18, 2021 3:47:24 PM Carly Hanellin

Christmas is only a few days away...⁠

We've got an easy and fun activity for you to do with the kiddos to help you prepare! Set up a cookie decorating station and make these Reindeer Cookies! 🦌 If you don't want to worry about baking, all of these ingredients can be bought at the store and assembled right at home—little to no mess involved! 🍪 

Eat Well. 



Reindeer Cookies
Chocolate Cookies 12 each
Chocolate Frosting 16oz 
Mini Nilla Wafers 12 each
Green & Red M&M's 12 each
Mini Pretzels 24 each
Edible Eyes 24 each


1. Lay all ingredients out.
2. Add frosting to the tops of the cookies. We bought our cookies for minimal work, but you're welcome to make your own homemade cookies and frosting as well! Then, (following the video) place pretzels as ears. Add the eyes right below it. Next, place your Nilla wafer below that with a small dot of frosting to put the M&M on top of it. 
3. Add them to your holiday dessert table and enjoy!

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