Why Kids đź–¤ F&F

Mar 28, 2024 12:24:13 PM • Feast & Fettle

Hint: It’s for the same reasons why F&F is any parent’s best friend. Here's how Feast & Fettle menus were specifically crafted with families in mind:

1) Sauce is always served on the side. This is particularly great for small children. F&F founder Maggie noticed that letting kids dip their food as they like makes for an easy way for them to try new flavors, while giving them agency over how much they have at a time. Dipping can also add an engaging tactile element to mealtime.

      • 2) We’ve got a designated Kids section on every menu. Everything on it is sized for smaller appetites, and great for packing effortless home lunches. Or if you’re trying to eat something extra adult for dinner, it’s useful to have mini chicken soups or dumplings & dip on hand for the little ones. That way you don’t have to make a whole different meal. Likewise if you’re trying to feed everyone in one go, check out our Family Favorites section. It’s home to crowd-pleasers like lasagna, pot pie, and baked ziti.

3) Cooking with kids can be a slow process. But getting your F&F dishes ready to plate is quick and easy work, even with young helpers. Whether it’s getting the roasted broccoli onto a sheet pan and into the oven or stirring mac & cheese over a low heat for a couple minutes—getting kids involved in making food is a good way to get them excited to eat it.