FAQ: Feast & Fettle Membership Updates

Nov 20, 2023 2:58:36 PM Viva Wittman

Starting December 21st, 2023, we’ll be making a few updates to F&F Memberships. Here’s what you should expect to see adjusted within your account:

Member access to À la Carte ordering, unlimited free customizations and deliveries, Sunday - Wednesday delivery, Access to Plan pricing, $150 referral credit, Menu Add-On rewards, $5 off every $50 spent at the Fridge; Guest access to À la Carte ordering, $1 customizations, $10 deliveries, Tuesday - Wednesday delivery
I’m currently a Non-SELECT Member. How will I be affected by this change?

If you're a current Non-SELECT Member, you'll enjoy a free 90-day Member trial before being auto-enrolled as a Member. You may cancel your trial at any time.

I’m currently a SELECT Member. How will I be affected by this change?
If you're a current SELECT Member, you'll automatically become a Member.
When will I be charged for my Membership?

Those transitioning from SELECT will continue to be charged on the 1st of every month. New Members will be charged on the calendar date on which they signed up. For example, if you sign up on June 15th, you’ll be charged on the 15th of every month.

What is À la Carte?

À la Carte ordering allows you to order across the menu without the guidance of a Plan. Unlike Plan pricing, which is discounted, the À la Carte menu is offered at full price, with a $75 minimum, but there’s no need to stick to the serving sizes or number of entrées and sides associated with your Plan.

How do servings work with À la Carte?

When you order À la Carte, you can add however many portions you want!

What's the difference between a Member account and a Guest account?

Members are charged $10 flat per month for unlimited deliveries and customizations, and enjoy further perks like access to Plan Pricing, Sunday & Monday deliveries, and the ability to unlock rewards the more they order. Guests are not charged a monthly fee, but pay $10 per delivery and $1 per customization. They have access only to À la Carte ordering and Tuesday - Thursday deliveries.

When does it make sense to have a Guest account?

A Guest account might make sense for you if you only plan on ordering once or intermittently, or if you’re only passing through an F&F delivery zone and just want to fill your fridge for the duration of your stay.

I pay for a Membership. Why aren’t Sunday and Monday delivery days always available?
All delivery days are first come first serve. We have more than enough capacity to deliver to all our Members and Guests, but as Sunday and Monday are the most preferred days, they tend to get booked up first. If getting a delivery at the top of the week is important to you, try ordering shortly after new menus are published.
What kinds of Add-On Rewards will I get?

Our Member Rewards program is changing. The more you order, the more Add-On Rewards you’ll receive. Think of these rewards like bonus cash to put toward some extra goodies in your following delivery. If you typically stick to only entrées and sides through Plan Pricing, this can be a great way to try popular add-ons from other menu sections—like items from the Kids section, Family Favorites, or Bakery + Desserts.

What are the in-store perks at the Fridge?

Members will receive $5 off every in-store purchase of $50+, at any F&F Fridge.

I live on Martha’s Vineyard. Will my delivery day change?
No, your delivery day will not be impacted by this shift. Your orders will continue to arrive on Mondays.