Feast & Fettle Entrepreneurship Grants

Feb 19, 2023 9:00:31 PM Justine Mooney

As part of our commitment to give back to the communities that have helped build our company, Feast & Fettle is now offering grants to entrepreneurs and small business owners, the backbone of our communities.

Starting a business is tough, and getting a new venture up and running is a real challenge. Access to capital and other resources is often lacking, and as a result, many businesses struggle to get off the ground. 

We also acknowledge that entrepreneurs of color face bigger challenges, with Black Americans having only one-tenth of the wealth of white Americans. Consequently, 70.6% of Black entrepreneurs rely on personal and family savings for financing. This unequal playing field motivates us to do our part in creating a positive change.

When everyone has a chance to succeed, we all benefit. We’re calling on entrepreneurs, specifically those from underrepresented communities, to apply for our grant and see what they can achieve.

We encourage other companies to join us in giving back to the communities that have supported their growth. Let's work together to #MakeItBetter



Grants are only open to small business owners who:

Operate, or plan to operate, in Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Connecticut

Have been in operation for 4 years or less

Have a yearly revenue of $300k or less



$5,000 grant(s) must be used by entrepreneur(s) to launch and/or grow their small business

Number of grants: 3

Deadline to apply: June 1st, 2023



Our application consists of approximately 23 questions, out of which 4 questions require long form answers. Additionally, we are requesting entrepreneurs to submit a video of no more than 5 minutes.

At Feast & Fettle, we are guided by the values of "Make It Better", "LFG" (Let's **** Go), "Be Generous", and "Try, Fail. Try, Succeed". Your video should let us know which of these values resonates with you the most and how you incorporate it into your daily life. This is an opportunity for you to establish a personal connection with our team and provide us with insight into who you are as an individual.

This application is closed.