Heart-Shaped Ravioli

Feb 7, 2023 4:45:43 PM Justine Mooney

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the day of love than with a delicious meal? 

This year, Feast and Fettle has partnered with Maria's Gourmet Pasta to bring you a unique addition to our Valentine's Day menu - heart-shaped ravioli. Maria's Gourmet Pasta is a small, locally-owned family business. They used their family recipes and started creating classic Italian pasta with a contemporary twist. Every pasta dish is made in small batches, with high-quality ingredients, and by real people.

The result is a harmony of flavor, texture, and visual appeal that will leave you and your guests (or your Valentine) in awe. Find these heart-shaped raviolis filled with ricotta, parmigiana, romano, mozzarella, and asiago on our Feb 12-18 menu.

If you are a member, don't forget to place your order by Thursday, 2/9 at noon! If you missed this menu, don't worry, we have you covered with special holiday add-ons and exclusive one-time menus for non-members. Join us now for a unique dining experience here: https://learnmore.feastandfettle.com/inform/