Maggie's Kitchen Must-Haves to Save Time

Apr 9, 2024 3:33:12 PM Feast & Fettle

Finding the time to cook when you're out of F&F meals can be a challenge—even more so when you don’t have the tools you need. Lucky for us, Maggie walked us through her must-have kitchen essentials. As the seasoned professional chef behind the top-rated meal service in the region, she knows just the gadgets to elevate the cooking experience to one that’s a) more efficient, and b) a whole lot more enjoyable. 

Thermapen ONE: This instant-read thermometer easily allows you to determine the readiness of your meat, poultry, or fish—so you don't have to play the guessing game to figure out when it's done.

Microplane Zester/Grater: It's handy for grating fresh garlic, ginger, citrus, and hard cheeses. And unlike a box grater (which also has its place), it's easy to hold and use directly over a pot or bowl.
Citrus Juicer/Squeezer: Using this presser is quickest way to juice citrus and separate out the seeds. It involves less of an arm workout than the kind that requires you to twist by hand, and it's easier to clean and store than an electric gadget.
Salad Spinner: You can use this for more than just washing and drying lettuce. Use it with berries so they last longer in the fridge, or with cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower—which need to be very dry to roast properly. 
OXO Kitchen Shears or Wusthof Kitchen Shears: Use them to trim and break down any kind of meat, snip fresh herbs, open food'll find myriad reasons to reach for these MVPs.