Sustainability Update: June 2022

Jun 12, 2022 9:39:29 AM Becky Scheff

My name is Becky and I’ve been with Feast & Fettle since 2019.

Over the past few years, I’ve learned firsthand almost every aspect of the business – from packaging food to coordinating the complexity of operations. 

Since last summer I’ve shifted my focus to something I’m very passionate about; sustainability. 

As many of you know, our team is working hard on rolling out a reusable packaging solution. As much as we wish there was a roadmap to seamlessly implement and launch a reusable solution, we will be one of the first meal delivery services to completely customize the experience for our members. Every step has been exciting and incredibly complex…

Over the last few months we’ve been seeking a manufacturer who can bring our prototypes to life. We’re currently working through a few rounds of quoting while considering material choice, thicknesses, design and other details that will ultimately determine your experience with the containers.

Although we’re navigating several barriers and uncertainties that come along with sourcing high-demand materials overseas, we’re confident that we will ultimately deliver on an effective solution that is the first of its kind...

We’ll continue to keep you in the loop and provide regular updates during each step of the journey. Thank you for all your feedback and creative reuse solutions – we hear you and are actively working to make it better!