Maintaining a Zero-Waste Model

Dec 21, 2023 11:49:41 AM Feast & Fettle

Every day, we work to achieve a waste-free kitchen and service. What this looks like for us is donating perfectly good food, composting all of our scraps, recycling packaging for Members, and sanitizing all our cooler bags and ice packs for reuse.

We’ve got some incredible partners who help us make that happen.

  • • Instead of tossing good food we don't need, we give it to Open Doors, a Rhode Island-based nonprofit organization offering holistic support to justice-involved individuals, as well as those experiencing homelessness. We send weekly food donations to these folks, as well as to Providence Rescue Mission, another non-profit over on the west side of town, providing shelter, meals, and faith-based counseling to those in need.

  • • We count on PF Trading, a resource-recovery service located just half an hour away in East Freetown, MA, to collect our compost five days a week. Walk through our kitchen and you’ll notice green bins beneath every prep table, so our team can easily compost as they go.

  • • As for recycling, we work with TerraCycle. With this partnership, our Members can leave clean F&F containers out with their bags and ice packs to be collected by our drivers. Then we’ll get those containers to TerraCycle to ensure they’re reliably recycled. Into storage containers, flooring tiles, athletic fields—the list goes on…and on. And since most F&F containers are made from recycled materials to begin with, we get to close the loop by recycling them again. 

Click below to learn more about how we established our TerraCycle partnership.