Delivered, Not Shipped

Dec 15, 2022 2:14:47 PM Sarah MacDougall

Right from the start, it was clear that our food—and our Members—deserved more.

When we launched F&F back in 2016, we made the conscious decision to deliver each one of our Members' meals ourselves.
People called us foolish (and sure, it would be a logistical challenge). But we couldn't let go of the angst we felt imagining your dinner sitting next to random merchandise in panel vans, or dropped off with indifference from UPS or FedEx.

We knew we had to own the entire delivery process, so we got to work.

We wanted to ensure our Members could live-track their deliveries, and that we could be nimble when changes came up. Were there mistakes? Absolutely. But because we own and operate our fleet of delivery vans, we've been able to remedy issues for our Members immediately. 

Furthermore, thoughtful packaging was—and remains—a priority. Once we knew your food would be handled with care, gone was the need to wrap your meals with tons of wasteful materials. We pack your food neatly into sturdy, reusable cooler bags.

Better yet, we collect and reuse your cooler bags and ice packs, as well as reliably recycle your food containers in our partnership with TerraCycle, a first in the meal-delivery space. 

Driven to Deliver on Our Promise

Our delivery drivers are on the front lines—we call them our elite ambassadors—and each one of them brings a dynamic blend of responsibility and kindness to their role.
They know firsthand how much love goes into every meal and they extend that care right to your doorstep. We trust them to represent us, not just to make safe deliveries, but to make wonderful connections.

So each time we get positive feedback from our Members about our deliveries, we think back to all the late nights we spent solving this operational challenge.

After all, should your dinner really arrive in a cardboard box?