Delivered, Not Shipped

Oct 9, 2020 4:01:11 PM Feast & Fettle

We wholeheartedly believe in forming strong connections with the communities we serve.

We look to achieve this in every way possible, which is why we never considered shipping your meals in a box — we deliver them directly to your door ourselves.

From day one, we made the conscious decision to own the entire delivery process at Feast & Fettle. 

We’ve spent a lot of time making mistakes, investing in our vehicles, and learning new routing software. Some say we’re doing things the hard way, but we believe it’s the right way.

With our own team of drivers and vehicles, our members can trust that their meals will arrive safely and in perfect condition. They can live-track their driver every step of the way, and we can make swift adjustments if any changes are needed.

More importantly, it allows for small gestures — a familiar face, a pleasant surprise, or a handwritten note — which help us build relationships with the communities we serve.

Our brand depends on the trust we establish with each of our members. It’s not the big decisions, but the everyday, meaningful connections we form that measure our success.

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