Rooted in The East Side

Apr 7, 2021 12:41:21 PM Alissa Marr

The East Side has always been special to us, and it’s where we built the foundation and culture of Feast & Fettle. We are fortunate to call the East Side home and utilize the sense of community we built there as our roadmap to expand the business.

Let’s rewind to how it all began. Back in 2015, Maggie Pearson (Feast & Fettle Founder) was a personal chef for just a few families on the East Side. Catering to a client base of just 10 households gave Maggie first-hand knowledge of just how hard it was for busy families to find time to enjoy a quality, home-cooked meal together. 

Maggie spent over two years with her initial members finding out what worked for their lifestyles and how she could better suit their needs. This foundational research inspired our team to create dietary conscious menus, package our meals family-style, personalize menu options, and deliver each and every order ourselves

Every family deserves a home-cooked meal.

Maggie’s first members worked long hours at Brown Medical, Miriam, and several other local Rhode Island hospitals. 

Oftentimes they would resort to meal kits that came packaged from across the country or received meals looking like frozen TV dinners. Shipping times were also extremely unreliable and inconsistent which made it difficult to put the kids to bed on time. It was clear that these families wanted to spend more quality time together AND enjoy the meals they deserve. 

We also learned that we had to eliminate the parental anxiety for picky eaters. It was clear to us that entrees and sides should be separated for the opportunity to mix-and-match, and all sauces should come on the side so children can explore flavors at their own comfort level. 

Once we implemented these subtle differentiators for our members on the East Side, we knew we’d solved a HUGE pain point and were onto something special. 

Our first local partners.

Our first partner was Seven Stars Bakery and it was an intentional addition to our menu...Our partnership was an important step in showcasing our dedication to the community. It added a stamp of authenticity and made it easier for our members to enjoy the best local products in their area. 

KNEAD Donuts, our second partner, added menu diversity when it came to desserts. It was also clear that there was no chance we could make better donuts than they could! 

The ability for us to include local items on our menu is invaluable. We'll continue to lean into partnerships, as they allow us to truly become a part of each new community we serve.

We tailor our service to meet the unique needs of each community we serve.

Our patience and dedication on the East Side taught us how to treat each neighborhood we serve going forward and we couldn't imagine doing it any differently!

Exploring new partnerships is part of the fun, have a suggestion in your town? We are open to hearing about local brands you’d love to see us collaborate with.

We deliver to your door!

Receive your meals from our in-house delivery team, packaged and labeled with reheating instructions.
We currently service Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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