The Feast & Fettle Food Ethos

Mar 26, 2022 1:13:16 PM Sarah MacDougall

When we first launched back in 2016, we would literally go to the grocery store and hand-pick the best quality ingredients for our first members.

As our member base has grown over the years, we’ve kept our promise to deliver the mealtime you deserve — and that starts with an appreciation for using high-quality, nourishing ingredients.

We knew it was time to formalize a set of standards that we could stand behind and share that framework with our members.

Let us introduce The Feast & Fettle Food Ethos...

Our Promise
Every dish is made from scratch, with fresh, unprocessed ingredients. No artificial preservatives, nor any lesser-known substitutes. We know where everything comes from because we vet our suppliers with uncompromising scrutiny.

Poultry and Eggs

Whichever came first may never be answered, but know that the chicken and eggs we use are natural, with minimal processing to help retain their natural flavors. Their feed contains no antibiotics, additives or hormones, ever. Duck is also raised this way, and cage-free.

Beef and Pork

We purchase from suppliers who can trace their beef and pork’s origin back to the very ranch at which it was raised. The animals are fed a strict vegetarian diet, with no growth hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products, except for milk.



We source our seafood from Foley Fish, a one-hundred-year-old company based out of New Bedford, MA. We feature finfish that is caught in the four main fishing grounds of New England: Bay of Fundy, Gulf of Maine, Georges Bank, and Scotian Shelf. To meet the highest industry standards for ethical sourcing, we utilize the guidelines set by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrationensuring that we use only wild-caught or ethically farmed seafood sourced right here in the Northeast.



Picking great produce is an art, and we’ve taken the time to master it. Quality and freshness are at the front of every decision we make. No pesticides, GMOs, or compromise. We show our heartfelt support to local economies by committing at least 51% of our food spend to independent distributors and fabrication facilities. When New England winters take “local” off the table, we work even harder to offer you the best. 


Can You See the Invisible?

In a digital world, where your feed (what an ironic label!) is full of delicious photos and tasty descriptions, beware. You can’t see preservatives, chemicals, sugars, and other red flags. Often you can’t taste them either, in dishes that are suspiciously over-seasoned. Your best strategy for eating well includes knowledge, awareness, and trust. Thank you for trusting Feast & Fettle.