The Feast & Fettle Food Ethos

Mar 26, 2022 1:13:16 PM Sarah MacDougall

When we first launched back in 2016, our founder Maggie sourced most of our ingredients through local partnerships, and even by hand-selecting items from local grocery stores. But with all growth comes change; so as our Member base expanded over time, we began outsourcing to various vendors to meet our greater needs. (Because who doesn’t need a little help sometimes?) Even so, we remain committed to supporting the businesses in our community—so over 40% of our vendors operate entirely locally.

We know that what you feed your family is of utmost importance, and that’s why, as we grow, we continue to make the effort to apply the same levels of care and attentiveness that we brought to crafting our original menus. The high-quality, nourishing ingredients in each of our meals comply with a formal set of standards we refer to as the Feast & Fettle Food Ethos.

Let’s break it down:

Our Promise
Every dish is made from scratch, with fresh, unprocessed ingredients. We don’t use artificial preservatives or any lesser-known substitutes, and we know where everything comes from because we vet our suppliers with uncompromising scrutiny.

Meat and Eggs

The poultry, beef, pork, and eggs we use are free of antibiotics, additives and hormones, and we purchase from suppliers who can trace their meat back to the very ranches on which the livestock was raised. The animals are fed a strict vegetarian diet, and minimal processing ensures the retention of natural flavors. We get most of our eggs from Baffoni’s, a local fixture in the Rhode Island cage-free farming community.



Just like our meat and eggs, our dairy is also free of antibiotics, additives and hormones. All of our butter and some of our cheese comes from Cabot Creamery, a Certified B Corporation (meaning they’ve been rigorously vetted by a neutral third party to prove they evenly prioritize people, profit, and the planet) compliant with the US Dairy Stewardship Commitment. Our milk comes from Hood, a member of the Innovation Center for US Dairy’s Sustainability Alliance, compliant with standards set by National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management Animal Welfare (FARM AW). 



To meet the highest industry standards, our US-sourced seafood is caught following the guidelines set by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and our internationally-sourced seafood is caught following the guidelines set by the Marine Stewardship Council—ensuring that we use only wild-caught or ethically-farmed seafood. We source most of our finfish from Foley Fish, a one-hundred-year-old company based out of New Bedford, MA. They catch their fish in the four main fishing grounds of New England—Bay of Fundy, Gulf of Maine, and Georges Bank—as well as the Scotian Shelf.



Picking great produce is an art, and we’ve taken the time to master it. Quality and freshness are at the forefront of every decision we make, which is why we say no to pesticides, and we shop local as often as we can. A lot of our lettuce, for instance, comes from Little Leaf Farms and Gotham Greens, local hydroponic farms that grow crunchy, juicy, pesticide-free lettuce year-round from a water-based nutrient solution. And when New England winters take other local options off the table, we work even harder to offer you the best. 



All our sliced bread, rolls, and pastries are fresh-baked locally without preservatives by NAVAD Bakers, Seven Stars, and Iggy’s Bread (among other pastries and baked goods made in-house). And for a few specific recipes, we use frozen sourdough bread from Tribeca Oven, an artisanal bakery in Carlstadt, New Jersey.


Avocado Oil

In June 2023, we made the switch from sunflower oil to avocado oil, a heart-healthy option rich in vitamin E, with a higher smoke point than the former. It costs a little more, but its quality and health benefits are more than worth the shift. Plus, its buttery, subtle flavor is a great match for sweet and savory dishes alike.


F&F Has You Covered

Our hope is for these values to help simplify your ordering process. This way, as you browse the F&F menus, you can think a little less about the labels and more about what’ll be lining the shelves of your fridge next week.