Going Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Oct 20, 2020 3:51:16 PM Sarah MacDougall

October signifies a heightened awareness of one of the most common illnesses in women: Breast Cancer.

We’ve always focused our efforts on creating happier and healthier communities, and this month, that means using our resources to help women throughout our communities fight Breast Cancer.

Though there is still no known cure, one thing we can do collectively is promote the importance of education, early detection, and support services.

We’re introducing a new F&F bag for the month of October. This initiative will put a reminder on each doorstep that no one should tackle Breast Cancer alone or uninformed.

Our charitable partner, The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), is one of the most recognized and respected Breast Cancer charities in the world.

Their organization offers free, innovative programs to women facing the disease, so that no one faces Breast Cancer alone. We’ll be donating $1 of every order to NBCF for the month of October.

In addition, our pink bags are available for purchase to every member of F&F, with 100% of proceeds donated to NBCF. To learn more about Breast Cancer treatment and research, you can visit their website now. 

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